Build a new virtual
civilization with us.

Join over 2000 pioneers in a casual, cozy
web3 game with a player-controlled economy.

Create your kingdom

Create your kingdom by placing tiles on the game map. Each tile is a 2D pixel art space where you can create, play, and meet other players.

Farm and build with other players

Help us build a new virtual civilization by gathering resources, farming and crafting objects with other players.

Help villagers through endless quests

Engage every day in new quests to level up, collect craft recipes and develop your kingdom.

Be part of a player controlled economy

Buy gold (our in-game currency) with ETH or Polygon and sell gold for ETH. Earn gold by trading items with villagers and other players.

Build a new world
from scratch with amazing people

Kingdom is now available in early access on both desktop and mobile. Join us!

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